Paintings 2014

Edge of the Land

An exhibition curated by Jaime Valtierra, including the works of Jaime Valtierra, Yuri Pirondi, Anna Burel, Pascal Ancel Bartholdi.

The pieces on show are chosen works from specific series from each artist which relate to or speak the language of representation on symbolic, mythical or poetic terms.

“ There is a place where the artist reaches a certain stream of thoughts/feelings, lead by her/his own intuition, with the intention of leaving a rational understanding of the world out of the creative process, reaching the absurd, the incoherent, the fantastic....”

This kind of process can impersonate the artist’s experience of her/his world. It could generate artificial spaces and characters which mask an innermost desire of the artist: that this fiction or representation will contain a degree of the intensity of the “real”, as it is experienced, and therefore transcend its own “fictional” qualities.

It is through this imagining that the creative person re-appropriates for her/himself the rights for a lyrical, humoristic, tragic, etc discourse and therefore a questioning of her/his own sense of reality.
This exhibition presents such discourse through the work of four artists working with painting, photography and collage, works responsive to their experience and what they might consider their own created or borrowed narratives.

Text by Jaime Valtierra