Anna Burel is a French artist living and working in London since 2009.

After studying a Foundation Course for visual Arts and graduating in Fashion Design in Paris Anna moved to London to study an MA in Fashion and Film at UAL where she graduated in 2010, with Distinction, with her final project The Visitation of the White Wolf.

Anna has since been dedicated to her studio practice at the Bow Trust in East London.

She works with a range of media, from photography to sculpture, as well as painting and collage. Her approach to the medium is one of constant experimentation.

In her work Anna explores the dualities in discourse that cast us as multiple characters emerging from a single anatomy, creating shifting states of tension and complicity within the self.  She engages actively in a discourse about female representation and human relationships with the urban environment, from an emotional perspective.

Anna regularly exhibits her work in London and abroad as member of the art collective Magma with their ongoing projects such as Mnemonic City




Exhibitions and Art projects


Winter Editions, Hundred Years Gallery, December 2016

Conceiving Histsories, Being Human Festival, talk with Isabel Davis, Senate House, 23rd November 2016

Ends, group exhibition curated by Jaime Valtierra, Hundred Years Gallery, July 2016

Conceiving Histories, talk with Isabel Davis, Birkebeck University, London, 16th May 2016

DARK: Festival of the Unseen, Jill Rock, Hundred Years gallery, London, March 2016

Mnemonic City Lisboa, Roundabout, Magma Collective, Lisbon, 24th-29th September 2015

The Landing, Roundabout, Magma Collective, Lisbon, 5th September 2015

Interfaces, Barbican, Fish island LabsMagma Collective, London,  21st-23rd August 2015

Citta Mnemonica, Magma Collective, Art Residency Santa Reparata, Florence Italy, 28th June – 10th July 2014

Monnalisa Day, Magma Collective and Gattarossa artists at the ex convent Leopoldine, Florence Italy, 12th – 15th June 2014

Magma Collective, Biagiotti Gallery, Florence Italy, 2nd – 5th June 2014

Whiteout, Jill Rock, Hundred Years Gallery, London, December-January 2014

Edge Of The Land, Hundred Years Gallery, Hoxton, London, June-July 2013

Mnemonic City: Moving streets, Magma at Doomed Gallery, London, April 2013

Cuidad Memoria, Magma at Espacio Islandia, Madrid, November 2012

Plato’s Cave , Magma, Doomed Gallery, London, September 2012

Direction and Production of ‘The Visitation Of The White Wolf’, Short film, London, 2010     


Education and qualifications


MA with Distinction, Fashion and Film, 2009-2011,  UAL, London

Diploma is Fashion Design , 2004-2007 Atelier Chardon-Savard (equivalent to a BA), Paris

Foundation Course in Fine Arts, 2003-04, Atelier Hourdé, Paris