Hundred Years Gallery is proud to present a group show by artists Chris Daly, Sisetta Zappone, Anna Burel and Paula Garcia Stone. The exhibition is organised by Jaime Valtierra, currently artist in residence at the space.

“ENDS” brings together a collection of works concerned with the nature of contemporary image production and the exploration of the human body both from medical and artistic perspectives. As in the case of the work by Chris Daly the enquiry into the authenticity of the production of images raises questions pertinent to our current hyper-mediatised culture. In his work he utilises contemporary mechanisms of appropriation, which makes up for much of our daily intake of imagery with the intention of evaluating the level of ‘originality’ inherit in them and conversely of our own sense of reality. Similar, to some respect, is the work by Paula Garcia Stone which looks into our perception of the world in an environment where scientific imagery has undoubtedly created new perspectives of who we are as humans. The ESEM (Environmental Scanning Electron Micrographic) images in the show depict, in her own words, ‘that space between our consciousness of reality when awake, and the dreamlike reality of the microscopic. Viscera poeticized.” ­It is within this terrain of the internal that the work of Anna Burel and Sisetta Zappone operate. In the case of the former, her practice centers on the study of the body from the perspective of everyday psychology and its meaning in medical or historical terms. Her work on the ground floor space belongs to a series of artworks as part of a larger project entitled ‘Conceiving Histories’, a partnership with scholar Isabel Davis that explores the history of conceiving. Zapone`s prints selected for this occasion were produced as part of an arts residency in Mexico, Veracruz. They depict, echoing other pieces in the exhibition, a highly personal vision of the interiority of the body in a cross narrative of anatomical design and a micro cosmos of the imaginary.