Lens, Paper and Scissors: Stills ib Motion


The Visitation Of The White Wolf

Short film directed by Anna Burel, 2010 London
Inspired by Fellini’s Casanova and Chris Marker’s La Jetée

Set and Props by Julie Gibaud
Costumes Design & Making by Claire Nicolas & Katharine Harrison
Lights by Giacomo Furlanetto
Make up by Helena Lyons
Graphic Design by Alice Savoie & Francesca Bolognini
Music by Jean Francois Guillon
Performance by Irene Luk & Jez Houghton
Photography by Anna Burel

In the game of seduction, two lovers get closer under the eye of a spectator aware of the artifice of performed love-making, nonetheless still able to enjoy the show.

The Visitation Of The White Wolf was part of the final project for my MA in fashion and film. It is a remake of a sequence in Fellini’s Casanova. The whole scene is shot in still images and edited in the way Chris Marker did in his film “La Jetée”My intention was to gather people with varying artistic background, involve them on the same level and give them equal freedom of creation in a spirit of exchange and communication. Two elements were imposed, to work in white and to follow the narrative of the original scene of Fellini’s film.